This way to the future of work

We believe in the power of the people profession. And the reason for that is simple: organisations are made up of people. Profession for the Future is the CIPD vision for our evolving profession, complete with practical ways for people professionals to make a greater impact and thrive through change.

This is our opportunity to redraw the boundaries of our profession and redefine our business impact. We have never had more scope to shape strategy and lead transformation within organisations across the world.

The new Profession Map sits at the core of Profession for the Future, and will help you drive change, manage complexity and navigate uncertainty.

Transition from old to new Profession Map

You can use the new Profession Map to:

  • build capability in yourself, teams and organisations

  • develop expertise in emerging areas of practice

  • drive sustainable organisational change

  • be a more confident, decisive and credible people professional

  • prove your value as an expert on people, work and change.

The world of work is changing fast. New roles, skills, ways of working and organisational models are emerging. We want to help build confidence and trust in business and the profession, supporting the vision and strategic goals of every organisation and a wider purpose of championing better work and working lives.

We’re working to ensure you have the tools and resources needed to do this. This includes our new cutting-edge learning content which is aligned to the new Profession Map. The content is spread over eight courses and includes 72-hours of learning material, and allows learners to apply the knowledge and behaviours embedded into the new Profession Map within everyday practice.

Peter Cheese

The new Profession Map will provide clearer guidance for the future of the people profession, supporting individuals in their development and careers, as well as helping HR teams and organisations to innovate and adapt.

Peter Cheese