Managing organisational change, particularly the people management aspects of change, is a core concern for HR professionals. In this section we provide resources on managing change, organisational change, change strategies, communicating change, and resistance to change.

Latest research in transformational change

The CIPD, in partnership with University of Bath School of Management, has undertaken a programme of research exploring how the themes on transformational change apply in practice.

The first report, 'Landing transformational change', launched In September 2014, covered how some of the latest thinking in change management can inform how organisations approach transformational change.

The second report: 'Landing transformational change: Closing the gap between theory and practice', published a year later, explores how the themes identified apply in practice through a focus on providing practical examples of how organisations have approached transformational change.

Both reports seek to inform senior executives and HR, OD and L&D practitioners by providing a platform of knowledge on the ‘how’ of designing, managing and embedding change.

You can find practical guidance on how to manage change by reading our factsheet below:

Research on agility

Organisational agility is critical to business success. It has the potential to offer organisations practical solutions to meet the evolving needs of their workforce, as well as controlling operational costs and finding competitive advantage in greater customer focus and innovation.

The term 'agility' in the business context can refer to workforce agility (flexibility in matching workforce fluctuations to demand), and operational agility (responsiveness and adaptiveness of processes and structures). Looking at workforce agility, the Agile Future Forum describes agile working as a set of practices that allow businesses to establish an optimal workforce and provide the benefits of a greater match between the resources and the demand for services, increased productivity, and improved talent attraction and retention.

Read the report below to find out more:


Here we explore how HR helps to support the human, social and organisational capital that fuels innovation and transformation and how the various dimensions of innovation manifest themselves in organisations.


Innovation and HR

We chat to HR experts from Groupon, Phillips Electronics and Mott MacDonald about how innovation is key to their business success and their role in creating and sustaining a culture of innovation in their organisations.

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