Looking after people’s health and well-being is central to the CIPD’s purpose of championing better work and working lives. If employees are healthy and happy, this can lead to better outcomes for themselves, organisations and wider society. An effective health and well-being programme is not a ‘nice to have’ but a core driver of organisational effectiveness: as well as improving the resilience and engagement of individuals, there is growing evidence that enhanced well-being levels can lead to more innovation and better productivity. It is also the right thing to do.

The CIPD is setting a more aspirational agenda for health and well-being at work – it’s not enough to support people when they are ill; employers should be putting in place the right preventative framework to promote the health and well-being of their workforce. This means developing an holistic approach to optimise people’s physical and mental well-being that is linked to corporate goals and at the forefront of how managers manage their people. It should be based on the fundamental pillars of a supportive working culture, strong and inclusive leadership, and good people management.

HR professionals have a vital role to play in championing the health and well-being agenda in organisations. As well as understanding the links between good well-being and higher engagement, they can convince senior leaders to prioritise health and well-being. They are also in the best position to train and guide line managers in implementing people management policies and developing an open management style.

Growing the health and well-being agenda

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The CIPD is embarking on a long-term project on employee health and well-being. We think that HR has a vital role to play in creating healthier workplaces. Here are a range of resources that have been published as part of this programme of work.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The spread of COVID-19, commonly referred to as the coronavirus, is an exceptional event that’s becoming an increasing public and workplace priority. Employers will be called on to take every possible action to protect workers while maintaining business operations. Our advice, resources and guidance will support employers and people professionals in their response.

Mental health and resilience

Promoting good mental health

With reports of mental health problems at work increasing yearly, we look at the need for businesses to foster good mental health in their organisations. Access a range of resources on the subject.


Supporting mental health at work

Guidance containing information, practical advice and templates to help managers facilitate conversations about stress and mental health problems with employees

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Promoting and supporting good mental health

With reports of mental health problems at work increasing yearly, HR professionals from Deloitte and Mind and MP Norman Lamb discuss their experiences and the need for business foster good mental health in their organisations.

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Resilience and managing stress

Access resources that can help you learn how to identify the signs of stress and to understand the idea of resilience and why it is fundamental to the success of both individuals and organisations, helping them to adapt to change and bounce back from adversity.



This episode explores the nebulous idea of resilience and why it is fundamental to the success of both individuals and organisations, helping them to adapt to change and bounce back from adversity.

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Well-being and the workplace

Health and well-being at work

The CIPD's latest Health and well-being at work survey report surveyed over 1,000 people professionals - representing 4.5 million employees - from across the UK. The survey provides valuable benchmarking data to help organisations evaluate and improve their health and well-being practices. It aims to get under the skin of workplace policy and culture to give the profession greater insight into what’s really driving employee absence, attendance and behaviour.


Health and well-being at work

Explore the CIPD’s annual survey exploring health, well-being and absence in UK workplaces – the twentieth of its kind, and the tenth in partnership with Simplyhealth

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Developing managers for engagement and well-being

Sponsored by the CIPD, IOSH and the Affinity Health at Work Research Consortium, Affinity Health at Work has conducted research to review all the evidence available about what affects the success of developing managers who support employee engagement, health and well-being.

They have produced a number of resources, including a maturing model, checklists, case studies and top tips as well as a full research report.

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In search of better workplaces

Themes from the BIFM and CIPD Workplace Conversation - an online discussion with business leaders about the changing nature of workplace environments

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Financial well-being

Employee financial well-being

These reports and guides, produced in partnership with Close Brothers, show how financial concerns can affect employee mental and physical health and the impact that this has on business performance. They also provide help for organisations wanting to improve their employees' financial well-being

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