With businesses around the world needing HR, there’s a variety of choice when it comes to the type of environment you’ll work in. Make sure you choose an environment which suits your needs, aspirations and passion to ensure you get the most job satisfaction out of your role.

Explore working environments

Working environments vary for people professionals, with the way businesses work depending on their size. Large international companies, for example, tend to have bigger HR departments, potentially made up of several departments specialising in certain areas within HR, whereas SMEs typically contain smaller HR departments managing fewer employees.

No matter what sector you’re in – private, public or third sector – your role as a people professional is to help the business get the most out of its employees. If you’d rather not work for one sole organisation though, there’s also the option to be your own boss and work as a self-employed external consultant.

Take a look at the different types of environments you can expect to work in, and decide which one would suit you.

Working for yourself

Find out what it's like to be your own boss and access resources to help support you in setting up and running your own business in the people profession

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