As the leading body on the management and development of people we have a strong interest in your professional growth. The credibility of the HR and L&D profession is based fundamentally on the commitment of individual members to continuing self-improvement. This is why we’re so keen to provide tools and resources that help you build purposeful learning into the routine of your professional life. 

Read how our CPD policy ensures our members maintain their professional knowledge and competence.

Your guide to professional development

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Introduction to CPD

This short video highlights the importance of Continuing Professional Development and what you can do to kick start your CPD journey.

About CPD

Still not sure what CPD means for you? Find out more about how CPD can benefit you and what you need to do to ensure maximum impact

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My CPD Map

​Providing you with a quick and easy way to assess yourself against the CIPD profession map and offering a variety of personalised development options

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